Qualitative Researcher & Marketing Strategist

Sean is a marketing veteran with a unique blend of practitioner and service provider experience. Sean’s marketing practitioner experience was honed at leading companies such as Quaker Oats (Gatorade), The Coca-Cola Company, and Novartis AG (Alcon).

Prior to founding Brandiosity in 2005, Sean was a Principal Consultant & Practice Leader at the Zyman Group, where he served as an understudy to one of the preeminent marketers of the time, Sergio Zyman, the former CMO of The Coca-Cola Company.

From August of 2014 to July 2015, Sean assumed the role of interim CMO for JUST water. JUST is a purpose-driven startup founded by Will, Jada, and Jaden Smith. The company is focused on developing consumer products that are better for you, better for the environment, and better for the communities in which it operates.

Sean is an accomplished moderator across a range of qualitative methodologies (e.g. traditional focus groups, ethnographies, retail intercepts, one on ones/IDIs, and mobile phone ethnographies).  Sean has also facilitated dozens of strategic work sessions and ideation sessions for clients.

Sean has had a longstanding relationship with the American Marketing Association where he previously served as a member of its Marketing Practitioner Council and the Annual Conference Planning Committee.