We focus on three distinct yet integrated areas that are required to build successful brands:

INSIGHTS:  Qualitative research that provides a platform of actionable knowledge to inform strategy development

STRATEGY: Effectively position client brands to optimize relevance for target consumers and drive meaningful differentiation from the competition

INNOVATION: The ability to identify high value opportunities and deliver them to the market using an open-innovation approach and NPD discipline

We believe that our approach really is 'Better, Different & Special':

Flexible, modular approach allows every project to be customized to meet unique client needs

Building brands and identifying opportunities is done through the eyes of the consumer

Grounded in the business and its context, rooting out myths or paradigms that limit growth

Rigorous front-end due diligence to optimize the entire process and maximize efficiency

Hypothesis-based process vs. fishing expedition; validation informs direction

Back-end actionability & socialization across the enterprise in order to maximize effectiveness

Collaborative approach with the client, consumers, customers and client agencies